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A Look Back at Five Years...

Dear Friends:

I opened my business five years ago with the hope of becoming not only a successful small business owner but someone who could truly make a difference in the lives of children. As a former nanny myself, I understood the complex process of hiring a nanny. I knew that the heart of the job had very little to do with the hours and wages but instead was about the cherished bond between a family and their beloved nanny. Parents have always wanted what was best for their children. And so when it came to hiring, they were not only looking for a good role model and mentor for their children but someone who could share in their vision. Finding someone who fit their criteria could be tricky...enter Nanny Traveler Staffing.

Throughout these five years, I have always tried to match nannies with families who share certain commonalities. It has been my experience that these make the best long-term placements. Of course, the most rewarding part of my job has been receiving correspondence from families and nannies who have said that I have helped change their lives for the better. Nothing could be sweeter for me!

Thank you for a wonderful five years!!



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